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Soft Touch Express

We had the chance to help New Orleans based DJ collective Trax Only, made up of Father Figure, Kathi Kniess, and Bouffant Bouffant in putting together Soft Touch Express. It features producers Ariel Zetina, Jasmine Infiniti, Bezier, and Five, to Southern talents like Ruth Mascelli, Ephemera, Marceaux Marceaux, bringing the queer dance-floor back to life after remaining dark for over a year. It contains stories, interviews, insights and really acts as a historical document of the work they helped bring to the forefront.

We decided in the end on the front-facing stitching and thought it would bring the entire publication together by adding the black tape to the space. It acted to over the stitching as well as give the additional edge.

All photos courtesy of Brett Labauve

Designer: Brett Labauve
Trax Only

90 Pages
5.25 x 8 in.
65lb. Cover, French
Front-face stitching
Tape Binding
Edition of 150

Kathi / e-molina of Trax Only