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Paper Size

11 x 17 in. [A3] is the typical paper size we use we keep on hand..

For posters / art prints, we can print 12.5 x 19 in. on text weight and card stock.

Oversize printing is available at 22 x 17 in. [A2] and will require a fold on text weight paper for special projects.

We can trim down to any size.

Printable Area

11.25 x 16.75 in. is the typical screen area.

For posters / art prints, we can print this screened area on a 12.5 x 19 in. text weight or card stock.

Oversize printing will require double the amount of screens and is best limited to special projects.


If you wish to bleed the work off the page, please provide a 1/8 inch or .125 inch bleed to all sides of the document, but please do not include crop marks in your work.

Keep in mind important artwork or text that will run too close to the edge of the page. If we feel it may become a problem, you will be asked to make adjustments to ensure your work will print properly.

Paper Stocks

We tend to keep very little paper in stock for larger-scale projects and will need to order in advance. Generally, we tend to carry the below list of stocks and are happy to order when needed. 100lb Cover is the maximum thickness we can reproduce upon.

Text Weight
70lb Mohawk Vellum Brilliant White [text]
70lb Cougar Natural [text]

Cover Weight
80lb French Recycled White [cover]
80lb Mohawk Carnival White [cover]
65lb Lettermark Opaque Cream [cover]

Ink Coverage

It is not recommended to print large blocks of 100% flat color, as it causes jamming issues, reduced print quality, flooded and kissed screens.

If printing a large block of flat color, please set the value to 85-90% to prevent the aforementioned headaches.

Keep in mind there are a variety of color paper stocks that may address this particular design element as a substitute.

Publication Size

For a side-stitch or perfect bound publication, the maximum finished size is 10.75 x 16.75 in.

For a saddle-stitched publication, the maximum size is 8 x 10 in. when printing on a full sheet of 11 x17.

Additionally, publications around 5.25 x 8.25 in. can be produced at lower cost on full sheet of 11 x 17, since an additional page spread can be added.

Keep in mind your binding options as this will dictate how you will set up your margins.

Color Resources

For those using Adobe products, you can download our current Swatch Library .ASE file.

Swatch Library:
Current Color Library

Swatch Installation Walk-through:
Adobe [all-products]

Online and Studio Archives

Office hours are 9am – 3pm, Monday thru Friday.

If you’d like to make an appointment and browse our printed archive and/or visit the studio space, please email us at with times and dates that may work.

Otherwise, visit our online archives.

2015 – current:

2012 – 2015

File Setup and File Types

Please provide a 300-600 dpi TIFF or uncompressed PDF set of files, with the color denoted in the filename of each to be printed.

Do not include crop marks in your artwork or tile multiples of the artwork on the page.

It is best not to rasterize body copy or text to ensure highest printing quality.

We do not handle your artwork color separations, but we are happy to advise you on what works, what doesn’t, and if your files are setup properly for reproduction.

Please inquire about booklet export from inDesign, to ensure we receive the publication paginated in its correct order.

Photo by Timothy Shivers, 2019.

Inquiries and Sending Files

We are happy to discuss questions, concerns, gripes, and set appointment times at the printshop to give you a better idea of what your possibilities may be.

Please use our online form to submit your project and do be concise as possible. We do not answer printing inquiries like ‘how much is..’ and ‘what about,’ over email, as there are simply too many factors that contribute to the cost of printing.

When you are ready to print, please send all large files through a service such as to