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Photo by William Widmer, 2016.
Black / Black U
Midnight / 296 U
Violet / 265 U
Sky Blue / 285 U
Seafoam / 570 U
Green / 354 U
Yellow / Yellow U
Sunflower / 116 U
Scarlet / Red 032 U
Fluorescent Pink / 806 U

Color Overview

We have ten colors that are currently in stock.

Risograph colors are not exactly related to Pantone / CMYK / RGB colors, but rather can be treated similarly as Spot Colors, meaning it is able to produce any value of that color, as well as overlap, creating new colors.

We tend to keep ten colors in order to help with decision making. No need to be staring at the jams / preserves end-cap at the grocery, not knowing which fruit spread will satisfy your desires, day in and day out.

Above, you will find the nearest Uncoated Pantone equivalent listed below each color.

Printing Expectations

The Risograph produces a warm-tone that is not consistent.

Printing registration will not be perfectly aligned and may not exactly resemble what you have designed on your screen. Prints may vary slightly from one another.

Prints are not archival / museum quality or completely waterproof.

This print process does not allow for reproduction on glossy or coated paper.

We can print on paper as thin as newspaper or as thick as 100lb. cardstock.

Color Resources

For those using Adobe products, you can download our current Swatch Library .ASE file.

Swatch Library:
Current Color Library

Swatch Installation Walk-through:
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Photo by Timothy Shivers, 2019.