work riso
Erica Westenberger

Erica’s work has a certain dreamlike pointillism of haziness to it, and she certainly brought some nice challenges in these reproductions. Definitely not a replacement to her paintings, these prints serve as an edition that is a bit more tangible, but still maintains her careful presence in the work.

Artist: Erica Westenberger

Art Editions
Various Sizes and Color sets.
80lb. Cover, French

Photo courtesy of Erica Westenberger
Midsummer Luster in Soft Light
11 x 11 on Ivory 80lb. cover
Liquid Sunsets
11 x 11 on Ivory 80lb. cover
Whatever Hour You Woke
11 x 14 on Mohawk Brilliant White 80lb. cover
The Spectral Stranger
8.5 x 11 on Springhill Orchid 60lb. cover