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The Stacks Bookstore

It was a pleasure helping Emilie on an impossible venture such as this one: creating and running an art and design bookstore in New Orleans. During these few short years together we were able to create a few event posters and various printed pieces to cultivate an audience around the bookshop as event space.

Client: The Stacks Bookstore [RIP]
New Orleans, LA

Various posters and packaging
2-color Risograph

Prints produced in-house

a propos was an event that highlighted organizations in New Orleans and the bookshop provided a space for talks, interviews, and discussions. The concept was to create an easily update-able poster that could include event information and an image, while attempting to remind viewers of the bookshop. In doing so, these book spines / narrow blocks contained information, necessary logos, all the while creating movement across the surface. Over this short time, these variations of the spine placements created a dynamic graphic prominence that uniquely identified the poster to the Stacks bookshop.

We were able to quickly produce the design and print production all on-site.

Poster at the Stacks. Photo courtesy of Emilie Lamy
2-color Risograph print on glassine packet.
1-color Risograph print on glassine packet.
Emilie Lamy and I with the Have a Nice Day bag. Business Dealings.
2-color Risograph print on glassine packets
Canvas tote version of the glassine packet
Posters put to better use at the French Consulate in New Orleans
Photo courtesy of Emilie Lamy.