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Deltaworkers Zines, 2017—20

These literary zines were produced in tandem to the Deltaworkers writer’s residency program, with support from Mondriaan Fonds. We needed to produce a modular template that would be able to house long form prose, poetry, and somewhat still feel part of a unit.

Deltaworkers zine covers over the years

Client: Deltaworkers
Reseach-based International Artist Residency
New Orleans, LA

Literature Zines
8.5 x 5.5 in.
Risograph of seven editions of 150

Print produced in-house.

With the exception of the first publication below, the other zines worked together quite similarly. You Dont Need Nothing was hastily designed and produced during the pandemic, as the residents of Deltaworkers were in lockdown without having access to much of the city and its resources.

In this case, this different approach contained the work of artists and writers. It isn’t my strongest work, and there are things I would have liked to have revisited. The odd feeling in the air, a strange work-load, and being a new father contributed to my less than thorough judgement of what was being produced.

2020. Artun Alaska Arasli, Carly Rose Bedford, Inas Halabi and Siegmar Zacharias, collective artist zine.
2018. Alma Mathijsen
Alma Mathijsen, part of our ‘Business Dealings’ photo series.
2017. Jan van Tienen, literary zine
2019. Dean Bowen, literary zine
2020. Nhung Dam, literary zine
2017. Giovanni Giaretta, artist zine
2020. Frank Keizer, literary zine. Cover art courtesy of Frank Keizer.