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Hand in Glove

The Hand in Glove conference held in New Orleans in 2013, was a multi-day platform for independent artist organizations, off-spaces, DIY practices to have discussions about community responsibilities and the sustainability of funding resources for small projects.

All photos by Akasha Rabut

Client: Antenna
Texts: Bob Snead, Amy Mackie

48 Pages
5.25 x 7.75 in.
Risograph edition of 450

Printing produced in-house

This guidebook was given to the audience and participants of the event. It contained information about spaces, special events, an essay about the current state of the arts in New Orleans, and maps–the typical content that is associated with these sorts of events. At this moment, the Risograph was a new addition to our studio and become a uniquely importance resource for the quick design and production of a time-sensitive publication. Along with the many people who collated, bound, and trimmed in the last moments–this energy and the aesthetic that came with the printing–only contributed to the vibe of the conference itself.

Map foldout of participating locations
Postcard Mailers for the event
Hand in Glove at the Den of Muses
Martha Wilson of Franklin Furnace gives keynote
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