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Cahier de Manon Bellet

Shortly after artist Manon Bellet and I met, she had won a Swiss artist prize and a monograph published through Pro Helvetia. This also happened to be the year that the publisher’s in-house designer had retired, leaving all awarded artists to find their own means of production. Luck found us to be able work on this publication together.

Photo by Akasha Rabut

Client: Pro Helvetia

Texts: Julie Enckell Julliard
ISBN: 978-3906016-13-9

160 Pages
6.5 x 9.5 in.
Double Cover with French Fold
Edition of 1500

Printed in Switzerland

With the book dimension, page count, and cover design requirements already predetermined to fit along the multi-decade series of artist cahier’s, much of my work involved understanding the artist’s intentions that may be able to inform the design aesthetics. Additionally, we had to give some room to breathe between a number of series of works, along with descriptor text and and essay translated in in two languages. Much of the mono-tone work and its photography appears quiet in its subtlety, so implementing bold colors and large images along with elegant typography was the key to tie it together.

These decisions of how to represent her work through design, continues to this day. There is a certain continuity in it all, and after nearly ten years of collaborations, it still feels good somehow.

Photo by Jonathan Traviesa
Type style of the inside front cover was predetermined by the Swiss Arts Council.
Photo by Jonathan Traviesa

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