work riso

A process catalog featuring the fabrication of a commissioned, over-size crawfish house, entitled ‘Homeboy,’ by artist Willie Birch.

Photo by Akasha Rabut

Artist: Willie Birch
Texts: Jennifer Odem, Ylva Rouse

24 Pages
7 x 9 in.
Edition of 1000

Printed in Canada

As a simple catalog, it was one of those projects that felt like it laid itself out. The process-oriented photography, texts from both Odem and Rouse, along with a loosely designed pacing, felt like a journey from maquette to final delivery. There were a few hand done elements, such as the photograph of the photograph as layout on pg. 09, which gave the reader a voyeuristic insight of the process and its outtakes.

Working with Ylva Rouse and Mr. Birch on this project, made it quite seamless as it was a two or three day turn-around time for design so that the catalog would be ready for the opening event.