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Saint Claude Index

One of my favorite projects, that began as a self-initiated pamphlet as gallery guide, evolved with financial backing into its final form as a cultural guide book for a specific set of neighborhoods in New Orleans.

Photo by Jonathan Traviesa

Client: New Orleans & Co

Texts: Nate Martin, Eric D. Bookhardt
Photographs: Sophie T. Lvoff

64 Pages
4.5 x 6 in.
Edition of 8000
Foldout Map

Printed in Canada

It is one of the rare opportunities to have a grass-roots pamphlet as a free public good, somehow morph into a publication that was fully funded in design, production, distribution, along with the ability to hire writers and photographers, and to ultimately make a publication into something I could not have imagined it ever being. Saint Claude Index was free to the public.

The fact one must be surprised these days about these sorts of events, is that it seems such a oddity in a market/profit driven world. Further, the publication contained no-ads and offered fair descriptions and critiques of the businesses and venues that were listed.

The photography of artist Sophie T. Lvoff along with the writings of Nathan Martin and Eric D. Bookhardt [RIP], we were able to present a psychic geography of businesses and artist off-spaces in this particular moment of time in New Orleans.

It is one of these publications that captured a certain moment, yet still feels fresh when mentally strolling through the various landscapes upon these printed pages.

Photo by Jonathan Traviesa

A Rolodex-style simple line and word-mark that tries to
visualize the book’s form and function

Perforated map foldout and listing as centerfold.
Photo by Jonathan Traviesa