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Art for a New Understanding

Produced in collaboration with University of Arkansas Press and Crystal Bridges and curators Besaw / Hopkins / Well-Off Man, this comprehensive publication covers native works from 1950-until today.

All photos by Jonathan Traviesa

Client: Crystal Bridges Museum
Bentonville, AR

Editors: Mindy Besaw, Candice Hopkins and
Manuela Well-Off-Man
ISBN: 978-1-68226-080-7

208 Pages
8.75 x 10.5 in.
Debossed Hardcover with 3/4 jacket
Edition of 3000

Printed in Canada

In collaboration with the University of Arkansas Press, Art for a New Understanding serves as a exhibition catalog containing seven critical essays, covering topics of colonialism, Native American identity, gender roles and feminism. Aside from a playful use of linework and bold color, it is a straight-forward catalog that attempted to apply a quiet design to serve mainly as a vehicle for the artists and writers that it contained.

Jacket with inside front cover

Essay excerpt containing footnotes along ruled grid

Exhibition Checklist
Inside back cover
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