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A self-initiated conceptual project for a simple, cheap, no frills Berlin-style bar, here in New Orleans, called ‘donnerstag’.

Donnerstag menu. Produced in-house on Risograph.

Client: donnerstag
Private Backyard Bar
New Orleans, LA

donnerstag, deutsch for Thursday, is open very occasionally, one day a week in an unpretentious space in our backyard, cobbled together from leftover wood materials.

Conceptually, the bar set out to do a number of things. One was to be able to share space with people as we were awaiting our first child, and after Sacha was born, to ensure we weren’t too alienated in the world of being new parents.

Another part of why it is exists, is as a reaction to the sameness of the typical offerings of bars. In a city that tries to be everything for everyone, we wanted to take the opposite approach and share things that were less typical, less available, and for a fair price. Having no music, ice, mixed drinks, or the cocktail du jour, are examples of this. Additionally, we have no overhead and run on donations that go toward Sacha’s future fund.

The design of the identity attempts to evoke a free-spirited and tongue-in-cheek environment, visually thumbing its nose against the trendier look and feel of contemporary bar branding marketed for their patronage.

We do not allow photography in the space during the servings in the evening, so do forgive the lack of actual ‘bar in action’ imagery.

donnerstag, a Berlin-style kneipe, in our backyard in New Orleans

Donnerstag Menu. Produced in-house on Risograph.
Donnerstag Menu. Produced in-house on Risograph.
Donnerstag sign, fabricated in aluminum and plexi-glass by Joshua Bennett. Gift to the bar.

Seasonal Menus
Friendly server.
Donnerstag Menu. Produced in-house on Risograph.
A simple site that exists alongside the mailing list, that people may sign up to receive our inviations.
Donnerstag Menu. Produced in-house on Risograph.

Donnerstag coasters for the backyard bar