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WWII Museum Annual Report 2015

This Annual Report for the National World War II Museum was the first hat was produced working with their team. Addressing the needs of the specific audience, its donors and the general tone of the museum, informed the design of future publications and how the museum presented itself.

All photos by Jonathan Traviesa

Client: The National World War II Museum
Editor: Jonah Langenbeck

76 Pages
9.25 x 11.5 in.
Edition of 300

Printed in New Orleans

The was the first year working with the museum on the annual report, and on a short deadline. Their ten-year relationship with the previous studio gave us a blank slate as to how to rethink the publication, but keeping a certain rigidity of content that was to appear in every annual report following.

Working within an overall theme of veteran’s oral histories, we were able to re-introduce the publication as a dynamic space through layout, rather than its previous feeling in presentation as an object-oriented collage archive. Along with the updated mapping, donor listings and large photo usage, it ushered in a new look and feel that we continue to explore year after year.