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O Time Thy Pyramids

Timo Nasseri’s O Time Thy Pyramids publication was the combined effort of many people’s specialty in bookmaking and printing processes, resulting in an artist book that is better that anyone of us could have singularly produced.

All photos by Leah Meltzer, unless otherwise noted.

Artist: Timo Nassari

112 Pages
6 7/8 x 8 3/4 in.
Risograph edition of 100
Swiss-bound with French Fold

Printed and bound with We Make It
Screen-printed by Goofy Press

Produced in Berlin

Helping Timo take his mathematical/astrolapse diagram drawings and create some sort of narrative, giving the feeling of movement of time throughout the artist book, was what I was tasked to do. This combined with the screen-printing mastery of Julien Villaret [Goofy Press] and the risograph printing / book binding specificity of Moritz Grünke [We Make It], we represented the Berlin book-making version of Southern hip-hop all-star group, The Hot Boyz.

While simplistic in its approach, the drawings are dense. Not shown particularly well in the photographs is the inner margin/spine that gradiate from white to black and reverse. The idea was to illustrate a passing of time through night and day. While quiet in design, it was not necessary to distract from the work of Timo’s illustration, as it is the main focus. The printing by Julien, gave us the ability to have white on black paper, as evidenced on the cover, in the center set of pages and the foldout poster.

O Time Thy Pyramids. Partial Series of 120 drawings. Photo courtesy of the artist.
Screen-printed center section on black paper. Printing by Julien Villaret / Goofy Press

Screen-printed poster foldout by Julien Villaret / Goofy Press

Screen-printed poster by Julien Villaret / Goofy Press