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To Live in the South . . .

This publication is still of my favorite things that I had a chance to work on with [pre] Deltaworkers. ‘Scar Lover’ had to function as an academic analysis of sorts, focusing on Southern Gothic literature as a cultural strategy, all the while being on a road-trip in the region.

Photo by Jonathan Traviesa

Client: Deltaworkers
Editors: Maaike Gouwenberg & Joris Lindhout
ISBN: 978-94-6190-238-2

60 Pages
Published by 1646, The Hague
Edition of 500, 1st edition

Printed in the Netherlands

It was important for me to pour ‘the South’ as I know it, into the aesthetics of the publication, while not being eins zum eins heavy handed. The washed out imagery and text that had been soaked in alcohol and re-scanned, the hand-typography that pays homage to the painted roadsign, the deep outside margins / classic column style of the book itself, all interplay so well with one another. There were careless errors in type, but it easily can be overlooked as part of the aesthetic in its entirety.

However, projects like this, that hit deep into how I have come to understand my own surroundings, don’t arrive so often. With no budget for design or production, it allowed me to free myself of expectations and experiment freely. The openness and deep friendship with the authors really shows through, communicating my love and care for their work.

Video by Akasha Rabut
Song— Keep Still by Belong

Handwriting as title text, soaked in alochol.

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Spreads featuring photographs from the Southern road trip

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Spreads featuring photographs from the Southern road trip

Giving movement within the publication was important, since the authors themselves, were constantly in motion. However, it seemed difficult to simply place images from the roadtrip within the context of any article in the publication, as they were of no relevance at times to the text in question. I decided to confine these additional images into its own section, whereby printouts of the images sat affixed outside of my home in the humidity for a few days. The images were then photographed as they were on the building, creating a horizontal collage / photo album of the trip and its various sites. This solution felt really great at the time and oddly, I still feel the same today.

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Spreads featuring photographs from the Southern road trip
The full collage of the images outside of my home in the humidity.
Reading and discussion of the publication at the Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans