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Prospect.2 Biennial

The Prospect.2 Biennial official catalog almost never was. After a budget deficit from the previous Biennial, curator Dan Cameron and I set our sights on something that was a fiduciary humble meta-response, in both form and design.

Photo by Jonathan Traviesa

Client: Prospect New Orleans
Text: Dan Cameron, Miranda Lash
ISBN: 10-0615549497

160 Pages
6.5 x 9 in.
Exposed thread binding
Edition of 500

Printed in South Korea

The first thing that had to go was the coffee-table approach of the previous catalog. With the smaller dimension came additional challenges because of the reduced page space, such as layout variations and the bulky amount of associated text that was to be included with each artist’s set of spreads. A lean budget, often designing and revising side-by-side with the curator in bars late into the evening, Dan and I were able to produce a publication that acted as a ‘public good’ of sorts, in the form of a living document. I count myself lucky to have worked on something as consequential as this during the height of artistic energy and output in New Orleans, these special years following Katrina.

All photos by Akasha Rabut, unless otherwise noted

Video by Akasha Rabut
Song— Southern Nights by Allen Toussaint

Watery type to reflect the city’s ongoing dilemma