work riso
Office of Jonathan Tate

A re-imagining of the previous O J T identity into something a bit more contemporary in terms of type treatment, without going too far from the its initial simplicity of communicating: ‘The Office of Jonathan Tate’ without spelling it out.

Photo courtesy of the Office of Jonathan Tate [O J T]

Client: Office of Jonathan Tate
Architecture Firm
New Orleans, LA

Site Development:
Joris Lindhout

The thinking behind the update was to find a bit of playfulness in varying widths and spans across different surfaces, along with the typical information that is to be included to fulfill required information about the firm itself. Nothing ground-breaking in this case, but creating a modular form and accompanying type to be used within the blueprints and architectural plans proved a larger task than initially thought. The team was open to a bit of experimentation without having to go off the deep-end of clear messaging within the communications collateral. In the end, we were able to generate documents that can be produced in-house by their team, easily and efficiently, yet retain a certain flair.

The firm’s work definitely leads as the most forward-thinking in New Orleans, so it was an honor to be able to work with them on their re-imagining.

J T A Variable Width Identity

Various name cards for O J T, printed via in-house Risograph — Landing — Work / Projects Listing — Project Detail — Project Image Detail / Slideshow

J T A Variable Width Identity

Site Drawing Template for OJT / JTA Usage
Template Page of Field Report, able to be generated in Word.

O J T Variable Width Identity

Correspondence Letter, able to be generated in Word.
Correspondence Letter, second page spillover

J T A Variable Width Identity

Envelopes containing both O J T and J T A