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Good Children Gallery

Working with this off-space gallery on their catalog was a great opportunity to incorporate playful typography, while working within the constraints of page count, essay length, equal representation of works, and the ever-dreadful listing of artist CVs.

Photo by Akasha Rabut / Aubrey Edwards

Client: Good Children Gallery

Texts: Cameron Shaw, Nick Stillman
Editors: Amanda Brinkman, Sophie T. Lvoff
ISBN: 978-0-615-55225-5

54 Pages
7 x 9 in.
Edition of 1000

Printed in Canada

The idea of mirroring type, combining multiple typefaces and attempting to showcase all artists in a way that was not simply a list of names on the cover. One success is the table of contents, a utilitarian version of the front cover, giving an interaction of sorts to the turning of the page.

More specifically, It was a time that New Orleans was in the spotlight, with the Prospect Biennial and the energized art scene. A sense of urgency was present and motivated us all within this particular community. This is evident in the Good Children poster, a collaborative illustration with artist, Stephen Collier, in attempts to convey a ‘re-birth.’

Video by Akasha Rabut
Song— Polaroid/Roman/Photo by Ruth

Stephen Collier
Sophie T. Lvoff

Photo by Akasha Rabut / Aubrey Edwards

Collaborative Poster with Stephen Collier
Printed by Kyle Bravo / Hot Iron Press

Aaron Mcnamee
Jessica Bizer
Srdjan Loncar