Riso MZ 790 / Dual Color System
Photo by Will Widmer

Risograph Overview

The risograph is an enviro-friendly and cost effective printer, which uses soy-based inks and an odd printing style to produce unique outcomes.

This technique will produce spot colors and inking similar to that of 1960s style newspaper printing, and is best utilized in high volume printing.


We are interested in helping you [yes, YOU!] use the machine's full potential in creating your book, poster, catalog, artzine, random project, album, business shit, inner-beauty, good/bad ideas, even fine art prints. We want to guide and share our knowledge in helping you produce your printed ephemera.

Print Process

In a similar way that screens are created for various printing techniques, the risograph creates ‘masters’ that produce the spot colors for your artwork.


The risograph print process may be best explained as the missing link between screenprinting and offset printing. The original image file is transferred to the printer and it is burnt onto a master [or screen]. This master is then wrapped around a print cylinder. This cylinder then rotates at high speed which pushes the ink through the screen and onto the paper as it is sent through the machine.

Our risograph model is a dual color machine, meaning two colors may be printed at once. That also means, half the time and lower costs.

The Environment

The risograph is an enviro-friendly and cost effective soy-oil ink printer. Each screen is made from banana paper and the printing process itself is highly energy efficient— generating only a minimum amount of biodegradable waste.


We do not carry paper onsite as most projects vary quite greatly. However we can order paper for you and have a number of example stocks on-hand.



A few of the great institutions, organizations and businesses
that have supported us through the years.


2019 Colors on hand
Ten color swatches from our current selection.


Risograph colors are not exactly related to Pantone/CMYK/RGB colors, but rather can be treated similarily as Spot Colors, meaning it is able to produce any value of that color, as well as overlap, creating new colors.


However, you will find the nearest Pantone equivalent below.

10 colors are currently in stock:
Black — Black U
Violet — 265 U
Green — 354 U
Seafoam — 570 U
Bright Red — 185 U
Blue — 3005 U
Yellow — Yellow U
Sunflower — 116 U

Specialty Inks *

Fluorescent Pink — 806 U

Opaque Metallic Gold — 872 U

* Additional fees apply to these inks.


The risograph produces a warm-tone that is not consistent. Call it, ‘its charm’. That means print registration will not be perfect when printing in multiple passes. The prints may also vary slightly from one another or your original art on a digital screen. However, this is the charm you are signing up for.


The Risograph inks are not exactly opaque. The inks can be produced in any value or opacity of that color, as well as overlap, creating new colors. Prints are not archival / museum quality or completely waterproof.

Printing registration will not be perfectly aligned and may not exactly resemble what you have designed on your screen. Prints may even vary slightly from one another. Think 1960's style printing.

The Risograph does not print on glossy or coated paper.


We can also print on paper as thin as newspaper or as thick as cardstock.

So if you're into that, it's time to get your name in print.

Video by Andrew Stubbs
Song— Time and Form by Mike Mayfield


Risograph Color Test
An example of Opaque Metallic Gold on Fluorescent Pink Paper.

Friends of the Constance Riso

Tulane University
N.O. Creative Center for the Arts
Xavier University
Loyola University
University of New Orleans
Southeastern LA University
Rice University (TX)
Kent State University (OH)

Arts Council of New Orleans
Deltaworkers (NL)
CAC New Orleans
New Museum (NY)
Press Street / Antenna
A Studio in the Woods
Young Creative Agency
Film Festival of New Orleans
Shotgun Cinema
Good Children Gallery
Contemporary Arts Center
Prospect New Orleans
St. Claude Main Street
Kunstmuseum Solothurn (CH)
Musee Jenisch Vevey (CH)
Atelier Felber (CH)
Momma Tried
Less Than 100

El Cosmico / Bunkhouse
Gem & Bolt Mezcal
Defend New Orleans
New Orleans Record Press
Disko Obscura
Factotum Barber
Ace Hotel New Orleans
Bellegarde Bakery
NOLA Grown
R & S Media
Blue Dream
Office of Jonathan Tate
Active Ingredients (CA)
Dirty Coast
Church Alley Coffee
Humidity Skateboards
Sinking City Records


Be Somebody


Print Inquiries

Prices are determined by project type and there is not a set price-sheet that covers all possibilities, since we are all such special snowflakes.


Please use our online form and provide detailed information to ensure that we understand your project fully and can price accordingly.


Turn around times are not same day. Completion dates depend on our current schedule and project scope. Publications may take 7-10 days. Additional fees apply if you need it ASAP.


Currently we accept cash money, checks and Paypal and Credit Cards. Credit Card Paypal fees may apply.

Risograph Setup Guide

Below you will find a helpful PDF guide that may be able to answer some of your file setup questions, as well as informing yourself on the printing process.

Constance Riso Guide PDF

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A Simple Guide to Risography
An example of a red / blue two-color print with duotone photograph