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WWII Museum Annual Report 2017

The Annual Report for the National World War II Museum is the third that was produced working with their team. Addressing the needs of the specific audience, its donors and the general tone of the museum, informs the design, year to year and keeps with the design language we have built over time for the museum.

All photos by Jonathan Traviesa

Client: The National World War II Museum
Editor: Michelle Moore

60 Pages
8.5 x 11 in.
Edition of 500

Printed in New Orleans

The general format of these annual reports include featured milestones of the museum and its programming, along with donor listings and other recognition of those helping to keep everything running. The overall theme of the moving timeline was key to tie the spreads together, running as a sidebar in the articles. And keeping in mind the subject matter and audience, which includes the aforementioned, it has been imperative to present all information in a clear and concise way, without too much graphic experimentation.

The annual report, as all previous years have gone, include truncated schedules and deliverables arriving at different intervals of the production period. Due to these factors along with the design expectations of the leadership roles at the museum, it has always been in everyone’s best interest not stray too far from layouts that have been agreed upon in previous years.