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Transforma Projects

The Transforma publication documented artistically-funded projects across New Orleans from 2005-10, but also acted as a reference guide of ‘how and how not’ an arts organization should operate within the years following Katrina.

It was one of the first long-form text publications I had the opportunity to work on and it meant a lot to me to get this one right. The book mostly lives in the world of non-profits and academia, as a living document to that time.

Photo by Jonathan Traviesa

Client: Transforma Projects

Texts: Aimee Chang, Maria Rosario Jackson and Tom Finkelpearl
Editor: Karen Jacobson
ISBN: 978-0-9718102-8-0

96 Pages
8.5 x 5.5 in.
Edition of 2000

Printed in Canada

Stylistically, it combined alternative layouts of footnotes, page coloring and typographical choices. While looking back on it, there are some things I would’ve done differently, such as the use of diagonal lines as movement / filler.

The round-table conversation, at the end of the publication was an interesting challenge. How to would it be lay out text and feel as if it would have been happening in real time? The result seemed a bit experimental to me at that moment, as it set each speaker with a specific color set, and within a set point of the page margin. I’m still fond of this of this treatment and gave the publication the necessary movement through layout.

Photo by Akasha Rabut / Aubrey Edwards
Vanity website created for PDF access to all interested
Photos by Akasha Rabut / Aubrey Edwards
Photo by Akasha Rabut / Aubrey Edwards
Photos by Akasha Rabut / Aubrey Edwards
Photo by Akasha Rabut / Aubrey Edwards
Illustration by Mel Chin. Photos by Akasha Rabut / Aubrey Edwards