work riso
Make America What America Must Become

This exhibition poster for the Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans took a chance on being printed on two separate sheets of paper, so that we could produce them in-house, with a small budget. and on a short timeline. While graphically interesting, results in communication varied.

All photos by Jonathan Traviesa. Poster in City Park.

Client: Contemporary Arts Center New Orleans

Dual-poster set
11 x 17 in.
Risograph edition of 500 sets

Print produced in-house.

While constrained to an 11 x 17 page dimension in our printing capabilities, the show poster needed to contain two images, a wordy show title and all accompanying information that would give the viewer information about the show, its sponsors, and finally some room to breathe.

Floating the idea of printing on two paper types to expand our design canvas, using one-color, and avoiding typical references to America, we were able to produce something that addressed budget concerns, but needed to be hung or affixed in tandem. And while this sounded good and was typographically interesting, I think the street team, the wind, and other variables factored into them being disassociated with one another, whether one of the two pages were missing, or for some odd logic, hung vertically.