work riso

In attempts to avoid the ‘millennial Matisse,’ Lee Matalone and I investigated a certain elegant, but naive brutalism in attempts to capture her typographic vision.

Photo courtesy of Lee Matalone

Client: FIELD
Floral Stylist
New Orleans, LA

This was a simple exploration that required no-overthinking and was maintained through a straight-to-the-point back and forth with a person who knew exactly what they wanted. The experience allowed for a mutual trust in each other’s forwardness, resulting in a visual playfulness and clarity that I would like to continue investigating alongside her vision when the time is right.

Ultimately, we landed on vertically stretched type treatment the name cards, utilizing the card as container for the type. Felt right.

Non-stretched logotype for the floral stylist

FIELD name cards Lee Matalone. Produced in-house on Risograph.

Other [un]successful attempts in a lowercase type exploration

Business card [top] and Thank You card [below].
Thank You in envelope. Photo courtesy of Lee Matalone
With thank you card. Photo courtesy of Lee Matalone
‘Look at this fucking street, general vibe. Photo courtesy of Lee Matalone