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Architecture / Murder (Set of 3)

An excerpt from Bertrand Tschumi’s series entitled Advertisements for Architecture 1976-77. It was a series of postcard-sized juxtapositions of words and images. Each was a manifesto of sorts, confronting the dissociation between the immediacy of spatial experience and the analytical definition of theoretical concepts.

Front and back of 5 x 7 in. postcard. Artwork originally produced by Bertrand Tschumi, 1967.

$ 10.00 + Shipping
Set of Three Postcards

5 x 7 in.
Black on 100lb French Steel Blue
Risograph edition of 200

Two-sided postcard, featuring a still from the final scene of The High Window, 1947. Sold as a set of three. The back contains the following statement:

‘There is no way to perform architecture in a book. Words and drawings can only produce paper space, not the experience of the real space. By definition, paper space is imaginary: it is an image.’