St. Claude Arts District

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Edition April 2013
Listing of galleries, theaters, studios and performance spaces.

11 x 8.5 inches
Black and White
Two-page document

Project Overview

St. Claude Avenue and it's adjacent neighborhoods is the contemporary cultural nexus of New Orleans.

The down-river neighborhoods of this district are where travelers can find social aid and pleasure clubs, artist-run spaces, and a diversity of independent artist studios. This map will point you in the right direction to explore the places that are offering vanguard cultural experiences in contemporary New Orleans.

District Venues

12  1239 Congress
A    Allways Lounge & Theatre
1    Antenna Gallery / Press St.
13  Aquarium Studios
2    Barrister's Gallery
3    Byrdie's Gallery
14  Calavera De Nola
15  Community Print Shop
E    Dancing Grounds
4    The Front
5    Good Children Gallery
6    Margaret Mary Meinzer
7    May Gallery & Residency
F    The Movement Room
C    New Movement Theatre
6    NOCCA


B    Mudlark Public Theatre
17  Nameless Art
18  The Parlor
19  Prospect.Us / Bakery
20  Red Metal
8    Rusty Pelican
21  Schneider Paper Mill
9    Second Story Gallery
D    Shadowbox Theatre
22  Maxx Sizeler
10  Staple Goods
23  Studio Defense Complex
24  Studio Inferno
25  T-LOT Studios
11  UNO Gallery
26  Christopher Porche West