Avant Garden is a new semi-annual curated arts market hosted by Constance, a local arts organization.

Featuring artists, designers, makers and taste-makers from the New Orleans community, Avant Garden's goal is to provide an alternative to the usual local Arts Markets by a process of individually inviting vendors that represent emerging talent in the city, enriching our cultural economy as a whole.
  Pecha Kucha Night, is a place for young artists and thinkers to meet and show their work in public.

Each of the 10 presenters are allowed 20 images, each shown for 20 seconds - giving 6 minutes 40 seconds of fame before the next presenter is up. This keeps presentations concise, the interest level up, and gives more people the chance to share ideas.

In essence, Pecha Kucha is a conversation starter, an informal night for folk to come together, share and draw inspiration. And just as crucially, it's a brilliant night out with DJs, visual treats, and a chance to connect with ideas and creatives in our disparate community.
  This season's Winter Avant Garden is hosted by the Joan Mitchell Center and takes place on Saturday, December 17th, 11am-6pm, with Pecha Kucha following from 7p-9p, located at 2275 Bayou Rd, NOLA.
  It should be a truly beautiful day and we hope you can make it. See the Facebook Event Page, and help us spread the word.
  Avant Garden participants:
Altar Clothing / Ryn Wilson, Antigravity, Teas from Bayou Brew, Bayou Soap Co., BBQ by Bingo, Blue Dream Vintage / Akasha Rabut, Kyle Bravo and Associates, Rachel + Joel Brown, Hannah Chalew, Community Records, Andy Cook, Crescent City Comics, Kathleen Currie, Marin Dearie + Scott Campbell, Catalogue Beers, Community Records, Defend New Orleans, Department of Changes, Jacques + Rene Duffourc, Greek Fare by Aubrey Edwards, Myrna L. Enamorado, Feast, Funky Monkey, Garrett County Press, Ginny and Harriott, Dave Greber / Katie Gelfand, Beverages by Chris Hannah + Billy Dollard, Becca Hebert of Seaweed Collective / Fete de Tete, Little House of Broel, Bill Holliday, InvadeNOLA, Iron Rail Books, J & Flo / Nailah Ricco, Hannah Jegart, Erica Lambertson, Seth Ludman, Ariya Martin / Kids Camera Project, Maple Street Books, DJ Matty, Leah Meltzer, MOMO, Neighborhood Story Project, New Orleans Community Printshop, New Orleans Style / Christopher Stoudt and Bunny Matthews, Brice Nice, Noel, Rick Olivier, Jeff Pastorek, Press Street, Prospect.2, Re-Styling / Shana Griffin, Rebecca Rebouche, Food by Shake Sugary, SIFT / Yuka Petz, Sputnik Ranch, Wesley Stokes, Bob Tannen, Thermos and MUG, Jeremy JF Thompson, Tippy Tippens, Aimee Toledano, Turducken / Anthony DelRosario, Cane Elysee / Alex Vialou, Waregarden / Brandi Couvillion and WTUL

Pecha Kucha participants:
Alan Williams, Myrna Enamorado, Delaney Martin, Joel Ross, Blake Boyd, Brittney Everett / WNFG, Cameron Shaw, Nick Shapiro, Isabella Bruno and Jana Napoli
  VIDEO. via New Orleans Style.

Episode 1 - Winter 2010 Avant Garden from New Orleans Style.
  PAST PHOTOS. 2010-11.
  Here are photos from our past Avant Garden events. If you have photos you wish to contribute, contact us.
  Constance / Avant Garden: Erik Kiesewetter
Pecha Kucha: Sergio Padilla

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